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Canna Vapetec

Canna Vapetec are the UK’s leading supplier of vaping hardware made for the cannabis industry. Although we stock dry herb vaporisers we specialise in vaping hardware for cannabis concentrates and oils. Our mission at CVT is to bring the most innovative, safe and reliable vaporisation technology from around the world to the UK and European markets.

Whether sourcing products from established companies or producing our own hardware in conjunction with world leading manufacturing partners, we aim to set a new industry standard to which all vaping hardware should be held.

As pioneers of the UK cannabis vaping industry, our product knowledge is second to none. After extensive research and development, we now supply some of the highest quality vaping hardware available anywhere in the world. From the signature device for the dedicated extract vaper, to providing safe and reliable consumable hardware needed by businesses to develop a trusted brand within the industry, CVT can assist in a solution.

The market as it stands is in its infancy, lacking direction and unfortunately, open to abuse. By becoming members of the UK Cannabis Industry Council we aim to provide education on industry best practices as well as help shape legislation on hardware standards to provide a safe and fair market for both businesses and consumers.
We believe the best way to do this is to lead by example. All devices available from Canna Vapetec are subjected to extensive real world testing to ensure they are robust enough to deliver the ultimate vaping experience time and again.

Our range of C-CORE Full Ceramic Cartridges are some of the safest available. Manufactured in an ISO 9001 & 13485 certified facility and exceeding all heavy metal testing standards worldwide they boast non detectable levels of lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic at 1/20th of a milligram testing range. They also have a recorded failure rate of <1/2000 which makes them ideal for high end brands looking to go that extra mile for their consumers.

In addition to our C-CORE range we also offer a completely sealed range of full ceramic cartridges which add yet another layer of safety. As well as the same safety and reliability features of the CCORE range these eliminate any chance of contaminants entering the carts during filling stage. As the inside of the unit is never exposed there is zero risk of any type of foreign body or contamination during the completely automated filling and sealing process. This is the perfect scalable solution for companies involved in the production of CBPM’s for the UK and EU market.

We at Canna Vapetec believe that the most important requirements for extract vaping hardware are quality, reliability and above all, safety. As we anticipate the UK and European markets following the North American ones, extracts and as such, vaping will eventually overtake the sale of flower and the need for this type of hardware will grow exponentially.

With this on the horizon we believe that there is a need to look at future sustainability. We are currently working with our manufacturing partners and also applying for R&D grants to develop tech that makes at least 80% of the materials in these cartridges recyclable with a goal of a fully recyclable unit in production within 3-5 years.

By becoming members of the Cannabis Industry Council we hope to connect with medical companies, investors, researchers, production companies and policy makers within the industry in the hope of helping shape our cannabis vaping market.

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