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About Us

Our approach

About the Cannabis Industry Council

The Cannabis Industry Council brings together organisations, businesses, and groups working in many different ways to promote the cause of medical cannabis, hemp and CBD. 

Together, we influence the future of cannabis in the UK and learn from and network with fellow sector organisations. The Cannabis Industry Council is overseen by the Executive Committee, with Working Groups made up of members steering our work. 

About the CIC

Shaping the future

Our Objectives


Influence decision makers

Influence industry stakeholders, Government, and relevant external bodies.

increase patient access

Enhance patient access

Improve lives by enhancing patients' access to cannabis medicines


Support hemp and CBD

Enable the CBD and hemp industries to fulfil their potential


Increase industry credibility

Enhance the credibility and capability of our industry, members, and the Council

Reaching our objectives

Working Groups

Our objectives, agreed by member vote, set our priorities and programs of work. The Cannabis Industry Council’s working groups drive forward these key priorities. 

Working Groups cover Standards, Research, Hemp, CBD, Medical Cannabis and lots more. Open to all members, the working groups highlight key areas for change across the industry.

Developing an industry with integrity

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision​

Improve access to regulated cannabis to enhance health, the environment, and the economy

Our Mission

Lead the UK cannabis industry to success and enable it to speak with one voice​

Our Values​

Our Values

Working together with expert leadership, we: 

  • Achieve strategic success through creativity and determination
  • Act with integrity and respect
  • Operate with environmental and social responsibility
  • Work collaboratively and inclusively
  • Listen to scientific and medical expertise

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