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The Plant Science Working comprises members involved in licensed cultivation, producing cannabis products and service providers to licensed producers in the UK.

The Group exists to help inform Members about the unique biology, growing conditions and expectations of cultivating cannabis under license in the UK. With so many environmental variables influencing this highly adaptive and reactive plant species, it is crucial to understand how subtle changes to the environment affect the plant’s outputs. 

The Group’s initial priority is to highlight genetic and biological considerations which will influence other areas of the Council, such as its decisions on policy reform and standards, research direction and suitability of chemotype for ailments and much more. 

The Plant Science Group works closely with the other priority Groups to bring a plant perspective to all conversations. 

Areas of focus

Address phenotype variability in both genotype and cultivation set-up

Address taxonomic misrepresentations

Creation of model cultivar/cultivation standards for comparative assessment

Diversification of license type for research and testing purposes

The relationship between standards and genetic tendencies

Educate and inform on common misconceptions regarding the cannabis plant and its genetics

Diseases of the plant – control, detection, and elimination

Facility potential – consolidation and normalisation of parameters, and units of measurements, equipment, for example, to make more precise comparisons and predictions

GAP/GMP/GACP – understanding and resourcing

An analysis to standardise methodology

Meet the Plant Science Group Members

The Group is Chaired Dr Gary Yates, PharmaSeeds, and co-chaired by Dr Callie Seaman, Aqualabs.
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