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Medical Cannabis Patients Association

The MCPA is a unique and ever-growing organisation created and run by patients, for patients, with an overarching aim of ensuring that medical cannabis users have a strong representative voice within the industry. We are proudly female-founded, and place heavy importance on maintaining a diverse staff of committed volunteers, allowing space for all points of view to be heard and understood. While we all have our own reasons for being involved with the MCPA, representative of our individual journeys with cannabis, our collective vision can be summarised by the LEARN acronym. We aim to:

  • Lower Barriers
  • Educate
  • Amplify Awareness
  • Raise Standards
  • Normalise Medical Cannabis

As part of our mission to promote social inclusion, we have an active online community on our Discord server – there are currently over 550 members, but this number grows daily. On the server, our community can engage with one another, seek peer support from like-minded people, share personal reviews of CBMPs and vaporiser devices, and socialise in the many hobby-based ‘off-topic’ channels.

We hold a series of sessions every week on Zoom, including informal patient conversations, formal discussions with industry, and Q&A panels with clinicians, producers, and others.