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My Way CBD

My Way CBD is a leading provider of premium CBD oils and wellness products, dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey. With such a broad range of products, the company is able to effectively meet the diverse needs of its customers.

My Way CBD was established by Founder Dee Mani, an Amazon Best- Selling Author, Natural Health Advocate, Medical Marijuana Columnist, and Cannabisologist. Inspired by her transformative personal experience with overcoming cancer using natural methods, she set out to create a brand that believes in the body’s innate ability to heal.

Today, My Way CBD is driven by a simple mission: to provide people with the tools they need to chart their wellness journey. The company offers a carefully curated selection of top-notch CBD products, including full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils with concentrations that range from 500mg to 6000mg. The business also produces its own unique CBD infusions that contain ashwagandha, frankincense, myrrh, oregano, ginger, pine needle, and black seed essential oils.

In particular, My Way CBD is proud of its awards – winning Best CBD Topical 2020 and Most Influential CBD Products E-Tailer at the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023.

Transparency and quality are the cornerstones of My Way CBD and its success. For this reason, the company maintains rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. As a result, each of the brand’s products are an embodiment of trust, reflecting the strength and integrity of its Founder’s original vision.

My Way CBD serves a varied client base, ranging from health-conscious individuals seeking natural alternatives for wellness support to athletes looking to enhance recovery and performance.

The customer is truly at the heart of My Way CBD and its operations, a fact that is reflected in its deep commitment to providing exceptional products, services, and support. To achieve this, the brand’s team strives to build genuine connections with the customer, gaining an understanding of their needs. By delivering personalised service interactions, My Way CBD exceeds expectations at every customer touch point.

In the forthcoming years, the company plans to diversify its product range and extend its market presence through collaborations with retailers and e-commerce platforms. Additionally, it will persist in promoting awareness regarding the advantages of CBD. This endeavor will involve organizing educational events, webinars, and workshops, as well as forming alliances with advocacy groups and healthcare providers.