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113 Botanicals

113 Botanicals


Product Description

113 Botanicals, a UK based company founded in 2019, combines expertise in the fields of extraction engineering and medicinal biotech process design and implementation.

113 Botanicals has an ongoing research collaboration with the University of Sussex, with their own Schedule 1 licensed research laboratory, based within the School of Life Sciences. The Scientific team is led by CTO, Mazin Nicola, and the resulting R&D has proved to be ground-breaking, producing significant advancements within several fields: extraction engineering, cannabinoid formulations and in the creation of uniquely effective routes of administration for CBMPs.

113 Botanicals has already filed two comprehensive patents: the first for their innovative low-energy, single-step cannabinoid extraction technology and, most recently, for their formulations and sustained-release capsule format. Six formulations will be produced within their Sphericann™ capsule format, in three strength variables, using their own superior quality full spectrum API. This unique capsule technology will offer patients and medical practitioners the benefits of a precisely controlled dose and its sustained-release over a period of up to 8 hours eliminates the need for multi-dosing throughout the day.

In 2022, 113 Botanicals acquired extensive commercial premises which are now undergoing GMP conversion in preparation for the MHRA approval process.

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