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Aqualabs are a company dedicated to creating high performance plant fertilisers and plant health products.

Our team of scientists work with licensed cultivators around the world, along with universities, to develop the perfect products.Brands include Shogun, our flagship nutrients which was first launched into the UK market 10 years ago and is now found across Europe and in the USA.  We also have Silver Bullet – a sterilising product designed to help keep your grow space free from bioburden, without leaving any chemical residues. Now producing a commercial range, we can supply products in powder and liquid form in the sizes which suits you best.

Our company is committed to developing the highest performing plant fertilisers and plant health products in the business. We do this with a tireless, industry-leading, research-driven approach, backed by our vast experience, with a focus on what customers really want from their products.

Our small team of professionals are experienced in the home hobby and indoor gardening market both in formulation and manufacturing, as well as many years experience in hydroponics retail. This retail focus gives us an insight into what customers really want from their products that very few other companies have – and when that is combined with industry leading research and cutting edge formulation, we are able to create high impact fertiliser products with performance that really matters.

Our in-house researchers have over 20 years experience within the hydroponic industry, from small scale to large scale. They can help optimise your growing productions by diagnosing deficiencies, pathogens, and applying grow room stress techniques. We believe that the best collaboration is a team effort. We’ll do on-site visits to determine the best solutions for your needs. We’ll take our time to ensure that each regime is tailored to your exact requirements. We can also look at optimising your growing environment and help to increase yields.



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