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Hempen Organic

Hempen Organic


Product Description

Hempen began as an idea – to form a resilient rural community centred around the cultivation of hemp. We’d heard that this miracle plant could do so much, clothe us, house us, fuel us, feed us and heal us. So we wanted to practically work with hemp in a holistic, ethical and regenerative way.

Our mission is to co-operatively cultivate hemp solutions to enhance the health of the people, our communities and the land.

In 2015 Hempen was established as a not-for-profit worker’s co-operative. The first seeds of hemp were sown in a 30 acre field and the first tender sprouts of community started to show.

The story of a hemp crop of hope travelled far and wide and brought people with the same dreams together. Some of those first arrivals are still here today. Many more continue to visit.

As the first and leading UK grown and certified organic hemp farm, we take pride in pioneering new solutions. Hemp should be cultivated by your local organic farmer, this should be the vision for the British Isles. Hempen exists to make a case for ecological and ethical hemp. We see ourselves as part of a worldwide movement to recognise hemp as an important plant that belongs to the people.

Down on the farm and inside our lab, we have the pure joy of transforming the hemp plant into premium Organic Hemp and CBD products; for health & well-being, culinary and cosmetic use. By growing and producing our own products wherever possible, we can bring to you the highest quality hemp goods.


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