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Cut through the chaos. create kickass cannabis content… with thermidor< !

Cannabis is highly problematic. and that’s a good thing. why? Because it means the sector’s growing. But how will your cannabis company create impact and get noticed?

wtf is thermidor<?

thermidor< is a content-led creative agency whose aim is to create intelligent conversation through cannabis copywriting. We also aim to challenge social stigmas, make marijuana mainstream, and celebrate cannabis culture.

what can we do for your cannabis company?

thermidor< can help you navigate cannabis marketing complexity.

Yeah… but how?? ‍Via all manner of means. All manner of content-led means, that is.

  • Messaging & positioning
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • Video scripts
  • PR & ad campaigns
  • Pitch decks
  • All manner of conceptual curios

We work across all strains, flavors, borders, and boundaries. B2B or B2C. Medical or Recreational. UK, US, Canada, EU, Western Samoa, Iceland, Antarctica – wherever you are: when it comes to commerce + cannabis, we have a crystal clear picture of who we want to get creative with:

  • Plant-touching operators: Operate across borders? Whether you’re growing, importing, or exporting –THC, CBD, Hemp, et al – we can help tell your story and explain what you’re up against.
  • Ancillary companies: Servicing the cannabis industry in a niche-but-meaningful way? Talk to us if you want to make some more headway.
  • Craft growers: Allow us to nurture your newsfeeds and build brand awareness – that’s how you’ll get the bigger kids to take notice.
  • Dispensaries: From patient outreach to clinical co-operation; we help budtenders of all ilks brand build.
  • Advocacy orgs: Advocating for legalization, decriminalization, representation, and all that good stuff? We got your back.

Ready to chat content, cannabis, and creativity?

If you’re keen to offload your terpene troubles, marijuana moans, or kief crises, and want to create some high-ranking, creative content, then you know what to do.

We thermidorks< are a friendly bunch. We really want to help get you the right kind of attention too. So let’s talk… no presh.

Hit us up (gently…)

Consume our content (as opposed to our exoskeletons)

We’re firm believers in creating the kind of content we want to see, so, to that end…


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