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Industry leaders elected as new CIC Co-Chairs

Industry leaders elected as new CIC Co-Chairs

Industry leaders Dr. Callie Seaman and Jamie Bartley have been elected as the new Co-Chairs of the Cannabis Industry Council (CIC), taking on the baton from Professor Mike Barnes.

Industry pioneer and consultant neurologist Professor Barnes supervised the first NHS prescription for medical cannabis back in 2018. He founded the CIC two years ago, becoming its first Chair, and will now take on the role of CIC Honorary President.

New CIC Honorary President Professor Mike Barnes said:

“Having founded the Cannabis Industry Council two years ago, with the organisation now on a secure footing, it is the right time for me to step back as Chair.

“I am excited about the future of the organisation in the capable hands of new Co-Chairs Jamie Bartley and Dr Callie Seaman. I look forward to supporting them in my new role of Honorary President.”

Jamie has been Chair of the CIC Hemp Working Group, and runs the Unyte Group of companies, covering hemp, energy efficiency, waste consultancy, medicines, training, and retro-fitting.

New CIC Co-Chair Jamie Bartley commented:

“It is an honour to be elected by the executive of the CIC to take on the role of Co-Chair alongside Callie. We have huge shoes to fill following Professor Barnes’s leadership over the last two years.

“The work the CIC has completed in the last two years has set a great foundation for the industry to continue to expand and develop across the various sectors, improving the environment and patients’ wellbeing. This is a testament to the leadership and commitment shown by Professor Barnes, one of the many reasons we welcome him continuing into his Honorary President role.”

Callie has been Chair of the CIC Adult Use Scoping Group, and leads Aqualabs, which creates plant health products and fertilisers. Dr Seaman also has Sunnyside consultancy, holding roles at Evolve Health and MedCan Support.

New CIC Co-Chair Dr Callie Seaman stated:

Thank you firstly to Prof. Mike Barnes for getting the CIC off the ground and to those who voted for our partnership, we will not let you down!

“We intend to make sure the CIC is giving something back to its members in the coming years and help the industry to grow in the right way.”

CIC CEO Mike Morgan-Giles added:

“It has been an honour and privilege to work closely with Professor Barnes, a true pioneer of medical cannabis in the UK and beyond.

“Mike’s knowledge and credibility within the industry is unrivalled, and we are delighted he will continue to support the organisation as Honorary President.

“We are very pleased that industry experts Callie and Jamie are stepping up as Co-Chairs of the CIC, as we seek to push the organisation and industry forward.”

Jamie, Callie and Mike were elected to their new roles by the CIC’s Executive Committee, which oversees the organisation. Their terms begin on 5 May 2023.

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