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All the latest updates from the CIC and its members.
Help shape the future of the UK’s cannabis and hemp industry

Help shape the future of the UK’s cannabis and hemp industry

With medical cannabis now available on prescription in the UK, and huge growth in the CBD and hemp industries, now’s the time to make sure your organisation takes its place a the heart of the industry. Organisations in the cannabis sector are preparing for what could be a huge increase in interest, competition and growth in the next few years. That’s why it’s so important to be part of the Cannabis Industry Council and its online and offline activities. The Cannabis Industry Council (CIC) is an organisation designed to connect members of the cannabis and hemp CBD industry, from licensed producers to clinics and infrastructure services, with each other for support and cooperation, so we can improve the standards, services and overall quality of the industry.


Why we started the Council

The UK has the potential to be a world leader in medical cannabis and hemp CBD. However, existing regulations make it difficult for businesses to get started, for patients to access treatment options and for the true potential of hemp to be realised. This is why we started developing an organisation dedicated to helping facilitate the rapid growth of the UK cannabis industry – the Cannabis Industry Council (CIC).

Together, we influence the future of medical Cannabis and Hemp in the UK and learn from and network with fellow sector organisations. It is a collective voice for, and by, the sector. Together, we define, set and maintain the Gold Standard for organisations operating in the medical Cannabis and Hemp sector.


What we do

The CIC was formed in 2020, with a series of subgroups convened to examine how best to represent, grow, and protect the UK cannabis and hemp CBD sector. Our membership includes investors, insurers, growers, scientists, doctors and chemists. Our subgroups specialise in developing standards, carrying out research, investigating and reducing the industry’s environmental impact, and lobbying the Government for changes in the areas of medical cannabis and hemp access, regulation, and sector growth.


Improve the industry as part of the Council

As a member of the Council, you will be part of the collective voice of the UK’s cannabis industry.

In return for your membership fee, your organisation will be listed on the CIC’s online directory accessed by patients and stakeholders. In addition, you will have access to events and networking opportunities to help you expand your professional network within the industry, and you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to our subgroups and our work to set the standards and push for reforms in policy and regulations.

Join today

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Benefits for members

  • The opportunity to be part of a collective voice to move the industry forward
  • Membership of the Council’s seven subgroups, which take forward specific priorities
  • Networking, including four meetings per year, at least one face to face
  • A listing on the CIC’s online directory, linking patients, stakeholders and the public to your site
  • Other membership resources

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