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Number of patients reaches 32,000

Number of patients reaches 32,000

The total number of prescription cannabis patients has now reached 32,000, according to CIC Honorary President Prof. Mike Barnes.

Prof. Barnes gave the latest estimate during his speech at this year’s Patient Conference, held on 3 November in London. Commenting later on X (Twitter), Prof. Barnes clarified the process for obtaining the figures:

“This number was obtained by ringing / emailing every clinic and getting their number. All bar one told me.

“The total was about 38,000, but then had to allow for patients being double-counted by moving clinics. The average estimate of that by the clinics was 20%.

“That was a couple of months ago, and as numbers are going up about 1,000 per month, that makes about 32,000 now.”

To read the full thread on X, please click here.

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