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UN calls for hemp regulatory reform

UN calls for hemp regulatory reform

A new report from the United Nations has highlighted the benefits associated with hemp, as well as calling for regulatory reform to enable these opportunities to be realised.

The report, entitled ‘Commodities at a Glance: Special issue on industrial hemp‘, says hemp cultivation should be allowed in every country. It also calls for regulators to focus on the THC levels in final products, rather than in the crops, to encourage a whole-plant approach and usage.

It states (on p.63): “Cultivation of non-intoxicant C. sativa L. cultivars should be permitted in all countries even though it may require strict governmental control. Moreover, an approach favouring THC threshold in final products, rather than in the field, should be adopted to incentivize a whole-plant approach and uses.”

The report was published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCATD) in December 2022.

UNCATD stated: “Not only does the plant hold a vast market potential as it can be used in food products, biofuels, textiles and even building materials. It also uses less water, absorbs more carbon dioxide and leads to much less waste and pollution than most other crops. To reap the economic and environmental benefits of this eco-friendly plant, UNCTAD’s new report provides a clear course of action.”

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