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Meet Executive Committee Member, Dr Anne Schlag

Meet Executive Committee Member, Dr Anne Schlag

Chartered Psychologist and Head of Research at Drug Science, Dr Anne Katrin Schlag, heads up the Cannabis Industry Council’s Research Working group.

For 2022, the main focus of the Research Subgroup is to carry out a Health economic analysis, create condition-specific case studies, research into chemovar profiles in childhood epilepsy, an exploration of real-world evidence (RWE) vs RCTs and to move forward with research in carbon sequestration from hemp.

To bring about meaningful change it is essential that we gain a broader acceptance of patient reported outcomes and real world evidence – something we are working to achieve through the CIC Research group, as well as through Drug Science.

As a Research group we are also looking to conduct a full health economic analysis on the use and cost effectiveness of medical cannabis on the NHS. There has been much written about the exorbitant cost to the NHS of prescribing medical cannabis. But little has taken into account the possible cost savings of reducing other medication, a drop in A&E and hospital treatments and admissions, and savings on doctors’ bills.
Such an analysis would also cover a hoped for decline in the number of lost working days. When you look at chronic pain, one of the major related issues is that people are not able to function efficiently and hence are unable to work.”

Read the full interview with Anne– CIC Research Group Looking To Overcome The ‘Scandalous’ Impasse On UK Medical Cannabis Prescribing – published by CIC Member BusinessCann in October 2021.

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