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How Volteface and Maple Tree are Giving Patients a Voice in the Medical Cannabis Industry

How Volteface and Maple Tree are Giving Patients a Voice in the Medical Cannabis Industry

The medical cannabis industry has grown rapidly over the past few years, with even more growth predicted in the coming years as more patients begin to access this treatment. But while the industry continues to grow, one thing that’s been patchy, at best, is patient engagement.

Volteface, along with partner Maple Tree, recognised this flaw in the medical cannabis industry, and have created Patients First, an initiative designed to empower patients by giving them a voice and putting them at the centre of shaping their own future. The scheme will pay medical cannabis patients for participating in professionally facilitated focus groups.

The Problem With Patient Engagement

Over the last couple of years, patients have become increasingly dissatisfied and have taken to Reddit Forums and Facebook groups to share their frustrations about the quality of medical cannabis and the process of getting a prescription.

Many patients have spent time sharing their experience and suggesting improvements but have not been compensated or recognised for their input.

CIC members Volteface and Maple Tree Consultants created Patients First to enable patients to voice their concerns and ideas, and give patients more say over the legal market.

The Roadmap to Change

Through Patients First, medical cannabis patients will have the opportunity to take part in market research to help improve industry standards and the quality of care they receive.

Medical cannabis patients will be able to contribute market research which will help improve the standards and quality of care within the industry. They’ll be able to speak out, give feedback to the industry and be rewarded for their valuable time. The initiative wants to see patients share their experiences with the sector in order for the industry to learn from their views.

Anyone who has used cannabis for medical use in the past, or is a carer for someone who has or currently uses cannabis for medical use can sign up for Patients First.

Find out more and sign up:

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