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Meet CIC Vice Chair Elisabetta Faenza

Meet CIC Vice Chair Elisabetta Faenza

Elisabetta Faenza is the Council’s Vice-Chair and Chair of the Standards Working Group. Elisabetta is also on the board of Medical Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA), which acts as the voice for the country’s licensed medicinal cannabis sector.

Through her work with the Standards Group, Elisabetta has identified three key areas the group will focus on as the CIC begins to move forward with its plans to foster a sustainable cannabis industry.  These are production, supply, and testing and analytical standards. Long-term targets will include environmental and fair trading standards, international trade, sector specific values and guidance, compliance and procedures.

Elisabetta’s interest in medicinal cannabis has a personal resonance – after being diagnosed at birth with a genetic condition so rare it does not have a name, she has dedicated her life to creating meaningful change in terms of people’s health outcomes.

“Having defied the medics gloomy predictions I made a vow, to create a world where people’s health outcomes aren’t based on their ability to pay, and where parents aren’t forced to sell or mortgage their home to secure life-saving treatment for their child, as mine had to.

A side effect of my condition is that I naturally produce more endocannabinoids than normal people. It is this quirk I believe that has helped me recover from multiple strokes.”

Read the full interview with Elisabetta – New CIC Standards Group Looks To Tackle the ‘Uncertainty, Misconceptions, And Taboos’ Of A Century Of Prohibition – published by CIC Member BusinessCann in October 2021.



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