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Meet Executive Committee Member, Jamie Bartley

Meet Executive Committee Member, Jamie Bartley

In 2019, Jamie Bartley founded the Unyte Group with two business partners; its divisions covering energy, waste, investment, cultivation and medical uses. Jamie now chairs the CIC’s Hemp Working Group.

Jamie first discovered the wonders of the hemp plant while investigating its potential to assist brownfield remediation in construction.

“I realised that this is an amazing crop – that is what hemp is, an agricultural crop – and one with so much potential. I could see a real aligning of the stars across a whole range of industries.

“Micro-plastic pollution counter-acted by biodegradable hemp plastics, environmentally-friendly insulation and the potential for decarbonisation across many industrial sectors.

“Governments are realising that they have to do things differently, so I think it’s the right time for hemp. Now is the time for hemp to shine.”

Read the full interview with Jamie – The ‘Stars Are Aligned’: It’s Time For The Eco-Friendly Hemp Plant To Shine – published by CIC Member BusinessCann in September 2021.

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